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We started buying houses in Wilmington in 2004.  We've been involved in dozens of transactions.  We like to think we're improving the real estate market one house at a time.  We are local people who use local General Contractors, subcontractors, REALTORS(r) and lenders who take pride in participating in the process of improving homes in less than desirable condition and getting them back to the condition a new homeowner is proud to call home. 

At Wilmington Home Group, LLC we can buy your house as-is.  We can close quickly and quietly with cash at closing.  Please complete the information at the bottom of the page and we will call you and listen to your situation or problem.   Once you contact us we will quickly estimate the repairs your house needs, estimate the cost of making the repairs to put it back to above average condition, estimate the value of the house after completion of the needed repairs and make you a fair offer.  We'll do our best to offer you a fair solution that meets your needs.  We're always looking for home owners who have houses that are not in retail listing condition.  Whether your house needs major or minor repairs, let's talk about it.

Our goal is to buy your house, take the risk and make some money when the house sells.  We want to solve your problem now by paying a reasonable price for your house. 

If your house in in good retail condition and you're thinking of listing to find the perfect buyer, please Ask for a Free Home Evaluation.  If you need to sell it as-is right away please complete the items below with as much detail as you can and we will be in touch with you as soon as we possibly can.  We'll call you and have a brief discussion and if necessary we'll set up a time to meet and take a look at the house and make you an offer. 

Here's some of the situations we typically help with: 

  • Inheritance an out of town property 
  • Executor of an estate
  • Death of co-borrower or spouse
  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce or separation
  • Job transfer
  • Job loss
  • Failed business/Reduced Income
  • Tired of rental property and tenants
  • Pre-Foreclosure/Foreclosure
  • Behind on payments
  • Short Sale
  • Abandoned houses that neighbors or homeowner's associations call us about
  • ARM Reset-Making payments suddenly unaffordable
  • Illness/Health problems
  • Medical Bills
  • Damage from natural disasters or fire
  • Other scenarios

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Jonathan Swanson is a NC Real Estate Licensee and a member of Wilmington Home Group, LLC.